My name is Yotam and I do many things badly.

Can’t bluff at poker, horrible skier, lousy dancer.

I do, however, one thing very well and that is keep my clients happy.

Very happy.



What you get is:

  • Online Marketing Expert in a self sealing Web 2.0 package.
  • Conversion Guru at measured doses.
  • Affiliate Master with a mission for commission.
  • Sales and Acquisition Beauty, for long or short tours of duty.
  • Social  Marketing Maven, with reach for your pitch.
  • Technically oriented geek, that knows how things tic.
  • Site Builder Extraordinaire, custom or opensource if you dare.
  • SEO Wizard of many hats, some light others less.


Here are a few examples for your perusal.


Here is a contact form, that also doubles as a memory test.

My name is:

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What I need is:


eMail: [email protected]
Call: +972-54-2428113